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OWASP 2011 conference impressions, part two

Today I am going to present the rest of what I consider to be the highlights from the OWASP IL 2011 conference that took place ten days ago. Jumping ahead, combined with my first OWASP post, the main conclusion that one can draw from the use cases presented is that coding is a business that involves some basic thinking in addition to ability to press keyboard keys in a sequence that will be accepted by a compiler. One exploit –  [ Read More ]


OWASP 2011 conference impressions, part one

Last week I visited OWASP IL 2011 annual conference. OWASP is a non profit organization dedicated to promote web and application security. I first got to know this initiative when the lecture based on my university research was presented about 4 years ago. Since then local OWASP branch has grown and now one can actually¬†find interesting presentations being shown there from time to time. I myself began regularly visiting OWASP meetings since then (who in their right mind would possibly  [ Read More ]


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